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The Personal Pop-up Protest

What if…..instead of (rather, as well as) large protests with many people, individuals stand on roads and highways with protest signs?

So as you travelled to work one day, you would see people here and there with different signs, on different corners. And you could stand at a corner, on the way home or during lunch, protesting?

It would be an eerie sight, those scattered people, quietly protesting. It’s a little odd, the first time you stage your own protest, but your temporary discomfort is small, compared to what sacrifices many activists make. It builds character!

But transporting signs can be a problem. Cardboard wrinkles when it folds. Wooden stakes are forbidden. And even small visible signs are sometimes not allowed into ostensibly public places.

I was searching the web for ways to make a foldable fabric sign, and came upon a wonderful idea for making signs out of foldable windshield sunscreens: this is on the website of a San Francisco activist along with instructions for making several kinds of signs. Thanks, Valerie Aurora!

Purchase a set of foldable windshield screens (2 piece solar shield 25 ” by 28″ nylon loop sunshade) from an auto supply store, office supply store, or from Amazon.  Right now, a package of 2 screens and one holder cost about $6.00 from Amazon.

This is how the screens come, 2 in one holder (black clips are additional):


This is how the screens look when removed from the circular holder:


Take the screens out of the holder, open them and lay them on a flat service. With a Sharpie, write your message on the light-colored side. Keep it readable, and make sure the sharpie dries before you twist the screens (one on top of the other) and put them back into the holder.

This is what the screens look like when you’ve written on them:


These are the screens folded back together, before being put back in the bag:




You can either use the signs individually, or use black clips to hold the signs together. This not only gives you a message on both sides of your sign, but also makes a firmly sign that is easier to hold.


Obviously, these are also terrific at large protests. You can take them on airplanes and buses, as they are small enough to fit in a purse or small backpack.